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15 Days of Prayer with Dietrich Bonhoeffer

by: Matthieu Arnold
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Format: Paperback
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Deepest and most personal thoughts of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran pastor, theologian, opponent of Hitler, and martyr, stands as one of the boldest examples of twentieth century Christian witness. By the time that the Gestapo hanged him in Flossenberg Concentration Camp for involvement in a plot to assassinate Hitler, Bonhoeffer had marked out not only a firm Christian defense of the rights of Gods Ancient People the Jews, but had sketched out an undogmatic Christianity for "a world come of age." The essence of this Christian vision was the belief that God is always present in Christ and always present in suffering. In a twenty-first century when trivial quarrels can still divide Christians, Bonhoeffers witness to this core gospel truth, and his willingness to die for it, offer an enduring example. This book offers a fifteen day course in Bonhoeffer,,s spirituality, drawing abundantly from his writings.


Arnold’s account of Bonhoeffer’s prayer life exhibits his engagement with Luther and his faithful reproduction of much of his way of conversing with God. Arnold introduces texts from Bonhoeffer’s prayers passed to us in print and manuscript and then places them in the historical context of his own experiences as a young pastor and later teacher of students in the theological training program of the Confessing Church … This simple but profound study of one man’s thanksgiving to and pleading with God in the midst of the terrors of twentieth-century evil of the most demonic sort inspires and instructs us as we confront the evils of our own time.

Robert Kolb,
Concordia Journal

About the Author

Born in 1965, Matthieu Arnold teaches modern Christian history at the State Faculty of Theology at the Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg). Specializing in Martin Luther and the Reformation, he has authored over twenty books.

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Price $12.95
Language English
Publication Date Jan 31, 2009
Author Matthieu Arnold
Format Paperback
Page Count 141