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15 Days of Prayer with Saint John of the Cross

by: Constant Tonnelier
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Page Count: 157
Format: Paperback
15 days of prayer journey with Saint John of the Cross

Saint John of the Cross is known as the Doctor of Mystical Theology. The central theme of his mysticism is that through a life of pure faith and love of God, the soul may attain union with the Divine. As your retreat master and companion, John challenges you to become like Christ, to be wounded and suffer with Him, to be consumed by His presence and thus to be emptied of self, to be purified in heart and mind, and finally to be overcome and transformed by His love so that you love with God’s love and discover your true image at the heart of the Trinity. The ultimate consequence of your 15 day journey with John of the Cross may therefore be the deep mystical union with God that John placed at the center of the Christian life.


“The volume is within a large series that seek to make practical and accessible the spiritual legacies of various Christian writers, both ancient and more modern. The series proposes, via 15 days of readings and provocations – using both the subject and a contemporary editor/interlocutor – a form of retreat within modern life with the Spanish ‘Doctor of Mystical Theology’. The volume may be seen as an introduction (in English, translated from a French edition of 1990) to St John’s religious practice as well as invitation to further study, as it offers lengthy sections of text, which are accurately referenced, and more pointers ad fontes within the editor’s prose. Before the 15 days (and chapters) commence a brief chronology of St John is presented, along with advice from the series editor on how to use the book, and an introduction from the Carmelite commentator Tonnelier. At times one encounters a deliberately provocative and difficult reading: but such excruciating moments are perhaps as Juan de la Cruz intends for those who follow after him. The series certainly makes St John an accessible spiritual resource for those approaching the spiritual masters of the catholic tradition for the first time.”

Richard P Whaite
University of Oxford

“Anyone who enters wholeheartedly upon this fifteen day period of prayer and meditation … should find it a rewarding experience, though also, I think, a demanding one … The recurring themes … include the call to seek God and union with God, and to be purified and transformed. The haunting, memorable phrase ‘wounded with love’ occurs more than once. Then you will find very helpful commentary to guide your thoughts by Carmelite chaplain Father Constant Tonnelier, before each chapter concludes with very constructive ‘Reflection Questions’.This is an excellent little book, designed to be used.”

Barry Vendy

About the Author

Father Constant Tonnelier is a chaplain for the Carmelites in Laval, France and is a renowned expert in Carmelite spirituality.  His other books include: 15 Days of Prayer with Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and Through the Liturgical Year with Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

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Language English
Publication Date Dec 31, 2011
Author Constant Tonnelier
Format Paperback
Page Count 157