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15 Days of Prayer with The Curé of Ars

by: Pierre Blanc
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Follow in the footsteps of Saint John Mary Vianney

15 Days of Prayer Collection

Now distributed by New City Press, this popular series is perfect for those looking for an introduction to a particular spiritual guide, those searching for gift ideas, and those who merely wish to know more about the person and his or her spirituality. Additional volume planned in 2 to 3 months intervals. Each volume contains:

  • A brief biography of the saint or spiritual leader introduced in that volume
  • A guide to creating a format for prayer and retreat
  • 15 meditation sessions with focus points and reflection guides

Known popularly as the Curé of Ars (Parish Priest of the town of Ars), Saint John Mary Vianney had great difficulties in studying for the priesthood, having actually been dismissed from seminary for failure to grasp Latin. However, he persevered and, after some private tutoring, was re-accepted and ordained in 1815. People soon noticed that he prayed with great recollection and celebrated Mass with deep devotion. Very soon, the Curé of Ars had won the hearts of all.

Focus your life on the mercy of the Lord

The reputation of Saint John Mary Vianney blossomed, and soon penitents by the thousands came from all over France to attend his Mass. Eventually, the Cur of Ars became a Secular Franciscan (as they are called today), but remained in the parish and continued to work a 20-hour day, much of which was spent hearing confessions. He lived like that until he was 73 years old. Finally, worn out and exhausted, the Cur of Ars passed away in 1859. Today, he is honored as the patron saint of parish priests.

Enjoy your time with Saint John Mary Vianney and be prepared to be surprised as you journey with one of the most engaging spiritual figures of all time.

About the Author

A priest from the diocese of Belley-Ars (France), Pierre Blanc is both a parish priest and diocesan director for vocations.

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Price $7.95
Language English
Publication Date Jun 30, 2008
Author Pierre Blanc
Format Paperback
Page Count 102