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5 Steps to Building Unity in a Marriage

Insights and Examples
by: Kevin and Katie Kelley
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-512-9
Page Count: 51
Format: Paperback
This book encourages couples to achieve a marriage full of love and beauty by putting into practice the "Art of Loving."

If you are looking to strengthen the relationship in your marriage, this short book is for you. The Kelleys share their thoughts about building unity in a marriage in a simple, but powerful way. The steps are all based on love referred to as the Art of Loving: be the first to love; see and love God in the other; enter into what the other is living, making yourself “one” with him or her; love those who hurt you.

By the end of this short read, you may end up full of gratitude as the Insights and Examples lead you from a discovery of your own sense of being loved and feeling love for your spouse, to a desire to reach out with love to others.

About the Author

Katie and Kevin Kelley have been married for thirty-six years, have five children and, at the time of this writing, six beautiful grandchildren.

"We prepared this little book based on our experiences of living the Focolare’s spirituality of unity as a couple and as a family, and sharing it with others in family gatherings over the years. Living the spirituality of unity as a married couple is a process of growth, of ups and downs, encompassing many moments of failure and of love. But all of it has served to bring tremendous grace and beauty to the life of our family and has brought God into our lives in a way that we never thought would be possible."

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Price $7.95
Language English
Publication Date Jul 31, 2015
Author Kevin and Katie Kelley
Format Paperback
Page Count 51