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Academic titles on Marian topics

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  • Mary in 3-D

    Mary in 3-D

    Presents devotion to this sacred icon in the larger theological and spiritual context of the church’s general Marian teaching.
  • Mary in the Mystery Cover

    Mary in the Mystery

    Poetic and profound depiction of Mary as utterly faithful and uniquely fruitful -- a true Mother.
  • Model of Incarnate Love

    Model of Incarnate Love

    Mary Desolate in the Experience and Thought of Chiara Lubich
  • The Marian Profile

    The Marian Profile

    In the Ecclesiology of Hans Urs von Balthasar
  • Gateway to Heaven Cover

    Gateway to Heaven

    Marian Doctrine and Devotion, Image and Typology in the Patristic and Medieval Periods
    Volume I: Doctrine and Devotion

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