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Blind Spot 2nd edition

War and Christian Identity
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Page Count: 112
Format: Paperback

Blind Spot subtitled War and Christian Identity deals with the problem inherent in that phrase. Considering these two concepts as running in parallel and for that very reason incapable of converging, the author boldly asserts that Christians who are unaware of this incompatibility are either turning a blind eye to it or are suffering from a Blind Spot.

The author goes on to say that arguments for a just war, though possibly relevant in the past, do not apply since the deployment of weapons of mass destruction, and that the role of Christ’s followers, based on His direct teaching, is to work for justice and peace. This, she recognizes, may at times seem an impossible task, but concludes that with true commitment and the guidance of the Holy Spirit great changes may be wrought for the benefit of all.


This is a book of life for life. It is a must read for anyone who is open to learning about war and peace. Read it, you will change and heal the world.

Andrea Bartoli
Representative to the United Nations Community of Sant'Egidio

Informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring, "Blind Spot, War and Christian Identity" is very highly recommended reading for all members of the Christian community regardless of denominational affiliation.

Midwest Book Review 

I read this courageous book in one sitting, cover to cover. I was personally challenged and felt, like Ranaghan, ‘an inconsistent advocate of non-violence’ in many regards. Blind Spot is a prophetic wake-up call for Christians of all denominations.

P. Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap.
Former Preacher to the Papal Household

Drawing on her rich experience in the charismatic movement, Dorothy Ranaghan helps us see the difference the Holy Spirit can make for how we as a church can be an alternative to war.

Stanley Hauerwas,
Professor of Theological Ethics at the Divinity School of Duke University

Blind Spot is a remarkable book – well-written and totally engaging. I thought I’d already given ample thought to the teaching of the Church on war and violence. But, Ranaghan tackles this complex subject in a straightforward and thought-provoking way which brought me face to face with my superficial understanding of war and Christian identity.

Charles Whitehead,
Past Chairman, National Service Committee for the Charismatic Renewal in England

In this well-researched and well-reasoned book, Dorothy Ranaghan challenges us and offers healing for a major blind spot in our contemporary understanding of the teachings of the church and Scripture on war and violence.

Bert Ghezzi,
Author of Voices of the Saints: A 365-Day Journey With Our Spiritual Companions

This is a thought-provoking and consciousness-raising little book and well worth reading.

Alexandra Irvine

Anyone seriously concerned about the implications of military service, patriotism, “the war on terror,” or the culture of war in general – but who has not yet made a mature decision about any of the above – should probably read this book. It is an impassioned plea for nonviolence, carved out of the rock of Christian scriptures but acknowledging that from that same rock, other possibilities or modifications might also have been realized. The strengths and weaknesses of Just War Theory are clearly presented (31-40), as is the practice of Peacemaking (87-102). The author adds a timely reminder that sometimes the very language we use to describe our differences and disagreements can become overloaded with acrimonious and bellicose terminology (We wage a war of words, as we struggle or fight to convince others; and the Church itself is often described as separated into opposing sides, locked in conflict) … It would be helpful for preachers, as well as for reading clubs or workshops. It is accessible but not simplistic; and the references and bibliography are very good for a book of such modest scope and size.

Anthony J. Gittins, CSSp
Catholic Library World

About the Author

Dorothy Ranaghan is the author of several books and writes for various Christian magazines. She co-authored Catholic Pentecostals, the first book detailing the history of this renewal movement and articulating its theological implications. Dorothy holds an MA in Theology from the University of Notre Dame and was a founding member of the People of Praise, a charismatic, ecumenical Christian covenant community.

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Price $16.95
Language English
Publication Date Sep 14, 2018
Author Dorothy Ranaghan
Format Paperback
Page Count 112
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