Carlo Carretto God's Name Is Love

Daily Reflections
by: Joseph Diele (ed.)
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Daily Reflections

This collection contains brief passages from the writings of Carlo Carretto for reflection. A good number of these pieces appear here in English for the first time. It offers a means for one to use as a daily meditation through some of his writings. This collection of meditations will point you in the direction of Jesus.


"If you are a Carretto fan, you will treasure this book. If you are unacquainted with Carretto’s work, this book is a fine introduction. If you are looking for conveniently packaged daily meditation or spiritual reading material, this book could be the answer.”

Mark Link, S.J.
Author of Bible 2000

"I have often been asked to name contemporary writers in whose body of work readers find a potential classic. I believe that Carlo Carretto fits into this category. Readers of his works will welcome this collection of his writings meticulously edited by Fr. Joseph Diele. Not only does he offer us a sampling of Carretto’s writings; he also organizes them thematically so as to facilitate daily meditation.”

Susan Mutto, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Epiphany Association

"In a world that is often so cold and dark we yearn for the warmth and light of God. The reflections contained in Carlo Carretto God's Name is Love brings us closer to the Lord's fire. As we read this collection we no longer feel alone. Instead, with Brother Carlo we experience that 'God is the sea in which I swim, the atmosphere in which I breathe, the reality in which I move.' And, with such an appreciation of a relationship with God as this, how can we long remain in darkness?”

Robert J. Wicks
Author of Seeds of Sensitivity: Deepening Your Spiritual Life

"Few books have touched me as deeply as these words of Little Brother Carlo Carretto. I have been on a serious religious journey for over fifty years. These healing and inspired reflections have resonated and confirmed my own deepest spiritual experience. They have fed my soul.”

Morton Kelsey
Author of The Other Side of Silence and Dreams: A Way to Listen to God

About the Author

Joseph Diele is the pastor at Saint Ann, Saint George Church in Brooklyn, New York. He leads workshops on ministry and is a retreat master. He is a member of the Jesus Caritas Fraternity who follow the spirituality of Charles de Foucald, the same fraternity that Carlo Carretto belonged to. He has published many articles on various topics of spirituality.

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Author Joseph Diele (ed.)
Format Paperback
Page Count 133