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Chiara Luce

A life lived to the full
by: Michele Zanzucchi
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-527-3
Page Count: 61
Format: Paperback

An inspiring biography as seen through her writings, her parents’ eyes and her friends.

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Chiara Luce, a girl full of vitality, but, suddenly, she fell gravely ill. And, strangely, moment by moment, a new life full of light began to unfold for her. She was eighteen when she died, yet she had lived to the full.

Thanks to a collection of her writings, a biography and a video, and through her friends, the local bishop and the Gen, Chiara Luce’s life continues to inspire people.

Each generation has its stories of heroism and holiness, which then become models for those coming after them. and yet these young people who have gone to the next life were not aloof or idealized; they have not become “icons”, to use the current terminology. They were just going on ahead of the others to another place, where they all eventually hope to meet up again. This is the story of the life of Chiara Luce Badano, a life lived to the full.

For more about the life of Blessed Chiara Badano, go to her website

About the Author

Michele Zanzucchi, director of Città Nuova, professor of journalism at the Gregorian University and mass media expert at the Sophia University Institute, has published with Città Nuova, among other works: Cristiani nelle terre del Corano (2007); Sull’ampio confine. Storie di cristiani nel Caucaso (2010). On the subject of communication, we want to mention: Comunicazione e unità, with Lella Siniscalco (2003) and Tutta rivestita di parola, il mondo della comunicazione si specchia in Maria (2004). The San Paolo published his following books: Un popolo nato dal Vangelo (2002) and L’Islam che non fa paura (2004). Among other publications, the Vatican Publishing House released his book interview with Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Un cuore grande. Omaggio a Giovanni Paolo II (2011).

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Price $12.95
Language English
Publication Date Dec 31, 2006
Author Michele Zanzucchi
Format Paperback
Individual/Set Individual
Page Count 61
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