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Chiara's Centennial Special

New Bio + Reflections on Paradise '49
by: Donald W.Mitchell (ed) and Maurizio Gentilini
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ISBN Number: Chiara's Centennial
Format: Paperback

Just in time for the Centennial year of Chiara’s birth, New City Press is excited to announce the release of two major books. Don't miss our pre-order special: 20% discount and free shipping (within the US) if you pre-order the two books by November 6th.

Chiara Lubich, Prophet of Unity, a biography by Maurizio Gentilini

This book looks at Chiara’s life within the historical and sociological context of her time. It uncovers new elements never disclosed, seen from a historian’s perspective. Besides being a historian, Gentilini also possesses a “theological eye” enabling him to perceive the “finger of God” working in history and to identify the threads that he weaves together in this biography.

Paradise, Reflections on Chiara Lubich’s Mystical Journey, a collection of essays edited by Donald W. Mitchell

This is the first time that Chiara’s two talks about Paradise ’49 are published in book form and made available for the public at large. It is accompanied by essays by two dozen authors about that mystical journey and its implications for today’s world. Peter Casarella, in the foreword, writes: “The readers of this volume will thus be astonished at the newness of Chiara’s experience. Chiara even writes about her mystical experience as a revolution: ‘It is necessary to make God be reborn in us, to keep him alive and make him overflow onto others as torrents of Life and resurrect the dead. And keep him alive among us by loving one another…. Then everything is revolutionized: politics and art, school and religion, private life and entertainment. Everything.’”

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Language English
Publication Date Oct 31, 2020
Author Donald W.Mitchell (ed) and Maurizio Gentilini
Format Paperback