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Clare and Francis of Assisi 10 Volume Set

by: Various
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SKU Clare and Francis 10 Volume Set
ISBN Number: Clare and Francis 10 Volume Set
Format: Paperback

This Set includes:

Edited by Franciscan scholars, Francis of Assisi: Early Documents contains new translations of such well-known writings as The Canticle of the Creatures, biographies of Francis by his contemporaries, and The Versified Life of Saint Francis by Henri d'Avraches, translated here for the first time.

This third edition of Clare of Assisi: Early Documents offers evidence of a greater sophistication in interpreting and presenting the texts emerging from a new wave of scholarship. Unlike the earlier editions, the writings of Clare appear in two separate sections: the first, entitled “May You Live Blessed Poverty,” presents Clare’s letters to Agnes of Prague, her Testament, and her Blessing; the second, “Together with My Sisters,” brings together the earlier documents of Pope Honorius III, Cardinal Hugolino, later Pope Gregory IX, and Pope Innocent IV that affected and eventually culminated in Clare’s Form of Life.

Studying the Life of St. Clare helps readers understand the Franciscan intuition in ways that move beyond St. Francis of Assisi.

This workbook is most profitably used in conjunction with Clare of Assisi: Early Documents.

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