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Coming Together in Joy

99 Sayings by Benedict XVI
by: Stephen Liesenfeld (ed.)
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-273-9
Page Count: 111
Format: Hardcover

Coming Together in Joy distills Pope Benedict's counsel from his many years of Truth-searching and study, prayer and reflection, priestly ministry and service to the Church.

These 99 short reflections guide us on a journey along various aspects of the Christian faith, such as the bond between reason and belief, Mary, the Eucharist, social justice and evangelization. Ever alert to the real issues of families and young people, priests and teachers, the learned and the simple, the Pope also points us to the way faith makes a real difference in our lives. Taken together, these sayings comprise a concise summary of the main elements of Pope Benedict's teachings. They are a joy to read, satisfying the soul's hunger and quenching the mind's thirst.

About the Author

Stephen Liesenfeld is the editorinchief of the German publishing house Neue Stadt and editor of several "99 Words to Live By" volumes.

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Language English
Publication Date Nov 14, 2007
Author Stephen Liesenfeld (ed.)
Format Hardcover
Page Count 111