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Connecting with God

with God, ourselves, and the people in our lives
by: Gloria Hutchinson
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Format: Paperback
This book points to ways to rediscover vital connections to Jesus, ourselves, wise guides, others and God.

Set in an accessible prose-poem and style and seasoned with wisdom quotes from many sources, Hutchinson's latest book leads to the rediscovery of vital connections to Jesus (via the Lords Prayer), ourselves (via holy leisure), wise guides (via inspirational fiction), others (via true relations), and God (via the savored life). Frequent reflection questions draw readers into interior dialogue or discussion with friends. Gold-miners find their precious nuggets by sorting through and washing tons of dirt.


Gloria Hutchinson is a miner. In this book, she pans through mountains of literature and extracts precious nugget after precious nugget. You will be wonderfully overwhelmed with shining pieces of wisdom from everywhere, not least from Gloria Hutchinson herself. A very creative, insightful, poetically-written book. (Ron Rolheiser, Author of The Holy Longing Drop the reins of your driven life) Gloria Hutchinson helps us do this with a smile -- or even a big grin. She invites us to the inner places where we can enjoy more fully the life and love that is ours. This is a little book with which we will want to waste time. (M. Basil Pennington, Author of Centering Prayer) Life is all about connections staying in and developing relationships. Gloria Hutchinson not only reminds us of this master spiritual fact, she shows us how to foster good relationships with Jesus, ourselves, fellow pilgrims, and God. (Bishop Robert Morneau, Author of A Retreat with C. S. Lewis)

About the Author

Author of 20 books and longtime editor of the wellknown A Retreat with.... series, Gloria Hutchinson is a popular retreat master.

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Language English
Publication Date Feb 3, 2005
Author Gloria Hutchinson
Format Paperback