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Jesús Morán
The Unity of Humankind and a Culture of Peace

Exerpts from the speech by Focolare co-president, Jesús Morán, at UNESCO Headquarter, Paris, France.

“Twenty years ago, in this prestigious hall, Chiara Lubich described the relationship between the culture of unity and peace, by presenting the experience of the Focolare Movement in the world. She said this experience enables mutual recognition of each person’s dignity, fosters a communitarian lifestyle and demolishes the artificial barriers that cause distrust, hostility and enmity. Above all she presented the fundamental idea of a new world order based on an understanding of peace which sees humankind as one family, with God the Father as the source of infinite love for all and for each person."

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Igino Giordani:
Heroes of Peace

On November 15th Chiara Lubich and her commitment to peace will be remembered at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. We offer some thoughts on peace from Igino Giordani.

“Social wounds are called wars and disagreements. They tear at the social fabric leaving wounds that are unable to be healed. Ancient souls yearned for peace: “if you want peace, prepare war,” said the Romans. But in the spirit of the Gospel, true peace is never obtained by war, but by the sprouting of a peaceful disposition and by a harmony of minds. You don’t commit evil to obtain good. “If you want peace, prepare peace.”

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Christians and Hindus Dialogue About Peace

During a day of dialogue between Christians and Hindus at the Gregorian University, they realize that even though they start from different perspectives, they share many values in common that can help build peace.

This makes one hope that “religions can really play a constructive role in conflict situations.”

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