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Diary of Fire

by: Igino Giordani
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Page Count: 118
Format: Paperback

His diary begins in WWII with his burning desire to love God and a conviction that married life is a way to sanctity.

“Diary of Fire” which appeared in Italian shortly before his death in 1980, gives a glimpse of his political career but also records a new phase in his spiritual life which began after his meeting Chiara Lubich in 1948. In the course of the next 32 years he became a co-founder of the Focolare Movement and the first married focolarino.


"If someone were to ask me what is virginity, I think I would have to talk about Giordani, a married man. I would have to talk about how he understood and loved virginity, the giving of oneself to God alone, life in God alone. From this he drew the courage of his decision and his strength: holiness is the vocation and path which is open to all in Christ. If someone were to ask me to show him heaven, I believe that I would answer “I have seen paradise in Giordani’s eyes and in his heart.” Yes, in the eyes and heart of a politician. He lived in heaven and so his hands were free for the earth. His phrase “Our Father in heaven and bread for men” is the motto of a “complete” political approach: man needs the heights in order to be able to care for the contingent; but it is also the motto of a “complete” heaven which includes man and all his life."

Dr. Klaus Hemmerle
Bishop of Aachen

About the Author

Igino Giordani (1894-1980), politician, journalist, ecumenical, writer, has been defined as the most important Catholic writer of the twentieth century. His works include the most varied fields: from essays to apologetics, from Christian sociology to hagiography. Considered by Chiara Lubich as co-founder of the Focolare Movement. The recent opening of the cause for beatification of this political and religious man, a family man, persecuted by the fascist dictatorship and one of the founders of the Italian Christian Democracy, testifies to a deep spiritual conviction who never resigned to exclude the Gospel from social life.

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Language English
Publication Date Jun 30, 1981
Author Igino Giordani
Format Paperback
Page Count 118