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Evangelio según San Marcos

by: Thomas C. Oden (ed.)
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Page Count: 359
Format: Hardcover
La Biblia Comentada por los Padres de la Iglesia
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La Biblia Comentada por los Padres de la Iglesia encompasses the entire canon of Scripture and offers Spanish-language biblical scholars, theologians, church historians, seminarians, scholars, students, and pastors the opportunity to access the enormous riches of the major biblical commentaries of the Fathers of the Church. Each volume includes the biblical text in Spanish, a comprehensive consideration of its context, and the best commentaries of the primitive and early church, translated from original Latin and Greek texts of the great Fathers of the Church who studied and loved the Word of God.

La Biblia Comentada por los Padres de la Iglesia is published by Editorial Ciudad Nueva, Spain. New City Press is exclusive distributor in the U.S. and Canada. The 28 volumes of this collection embrace a wide selection of the most significant readings of each of the books of the Old and the New Testaments as the context for the patristic commentaries.


“This new but old Commentary takes us out of the small, closed-minded world in which much modern biblical scholarship is done into an earlier time marked by a Christian seriousness, by robust inquiry and by believing faith. [La Biblia Comentada por los Padres dela Iglesia] is a fresh breeze blowing in our empty, post-modern world.”

David Wells
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Here is a nonpareil series which reclaims the Bible as the book of the church by making accessible to earnest readers of the twenty-first century the classrooms of Clement of Alexandria and Didymus the Blind, the study and lecture hall of Origen, the cathedrae of Chrysostom and Augustine and the scriptorium of Jerome in his Bethlehem monastery.”

George Lawless
Augustinian Patristic Institute and Gregorian University (Rome)

“For ongoing ecumenical conversation, the accurate appreciation of early Christian thought, and the current hermeneutical debate, [La Biblia Comentada por los Padres de la Iglesia] will prove itself to be an indispensable resource.”

J.J. Packer
Regent College

“In the desert of biblical scholarship that tries to deconstruct or get behind the texts, the patristic commentators let the pure, clear waters of Christian faith fl ow from its scriptural source. Preachers, teachers and Bible students will want to drink deeply from [La Biblia Comentada por los Padres de la Iglesia].”

Richard John Neuhaus
editor-in-chief, First Things

“All who are interested in the interpretations of the Bible will welcome [La Biblia Comentada por los Padres de la Iglesia].... It is hard to think of a more worthy ecumenical project....”

Bruce M. Metzger
Princeton Theological Seminary

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Language Spanish
Author Thomas C. Oden (ed.)
Format Hardcover
Page Count 359