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Three Minute Reflections on Redeeming Life's Most Difficult Moments

Joan Mueller (about)

Three Minute Reflections on Redeeming Life's Most Difficult Moments

Paperback; 71 pages; 2011

ISBN: 978-1-56548-426-9

About this Book

There are wounds that permanently disfigure us, leaving us with a constant reminder of an injury. A drunk driver disables one for life. A sexual predator robs our self-confidence and self-esteem, and we struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression while the perpetrator walks away. Someone hurts our child, and our anger becomes all-encompassing, eating us alive.

Most human beings understand that forgiveness is essential to living a healthy and productive life. Yet, there are moments when forgiveness becomes a challenge. A perpetrator might be unrepentant. Or, “things happen” in the background, in board rooms behind closed doors, and we don’t even know who has hurt us. While we are left with devastating consequences, the rest of the world goes on as though nothing has happened.

Forgiveness is written for those who are struggling with forgiveness, have significant wounds, and can’t seem to find their way to healing and for Christians who are not dealing with a particular forgiveness issue, but who are striving to make forgiveness a daily spiritual practice.

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Some Related Comments:

Forgiveness is a strongly recommended pick for those looking for brief yet powerful moments of faith to carry us through life’s hardest struggles, with spirituality for Christians and non-Christians alike.”

Midwest Book Review

“The emphasis throughout is on forgiving those who have wronged us, especially for those who are struggling to forgive because of deep wounds. The exercises are also useful to all Christians, whether they feel the need to forgive a particular hurt or not, but who would like to examine their conscience daily and make forgiveness a daily spiritual exercise.”

John Irvine


Author Info

Joan Mueller, Ph.D., is professor of theology and Christian spirituality at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. A Franciscan scholar and writer, she has written many books and articles, including Praying Advent: Three Minute Reflections on Peace, Faithfulness, Joy, and Light and Francis, the Saint of Assisi.


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