I believe in you

Wisdom from community with persons with disabilities on believing in ourselves and the other
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How to believe in yourself and the other? In what ways can you live out who you really are and relate to others beyond masks and projections? Find out in surprising ways! This book, grounded in simple and meaningful stories from a community with persons with disabilities, brings together psychological and spiritual insights for anyone who wants to live authentically. 

Each reader is invited on a personal and inclusive journey of acceptance and transformation.

From the Foreword by Jean Vanier

This is a precious little book. It reveals people who have intellectual disabilities, in a new way. Since about 40 years, people are beginning to discover that those with these disabilities are real people and should not be put into big institutions away from society.
It tells us, through the experiences of the author, that they can teach us to become more human, and so bring change to our society.
They can teach us about relationships, about spirituality, about fidelity and open hearts, kindness and compassion, all these virtues which are so frequently crushed in our society where people seek more about winning and power. I hope each reader can discover in a new way what it means to become really human.

Visit the book website: https://www.lucabadetti.com/ibelieveinyou


This unique book reminds us of who we are and shows us how working with and living among the marginalized aides in finding our true self. Highly recommended for public and church libraries.

Shirley J. Martyn - Catholic Library World


A precious and much needed book... The relevant insights and inclusive stories in these pages can help us believe and grow in our humanity, healing our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with the others.

Helen Prejean, CSJ
Author of "Dead Man Walking"

This beautiful book is about becoming who we are, with stories from the amazing community of L'Arche, one of the great Christian ministries of our age.

James Martin, SJ
Author of "Between Heaven and Mirth" 


Badetti has written a wonderful book which explores the question of belief – how we believe in ourselves, in others and in God.  The L’Arche community members with whom he lived were his inspiration and teachers, helping him to learn who we all are: God’s beloved. This book is a very profound human story of acceptance. Through stories, it shows us how to truly be present, listen and understand ourselves and the other. It challenges our view of those outside of our “comfort zone” and invites us to let down our barriers to celebrate what it is to be truly human. 

Ronald Rolheiser, OMI
President, Oblate School of Theology
Author of "Holy Longing", a New York Times bestseller

The stance of tenderness—that loving respect made manifest in gentleness—can free us to be who we are," reads one of the many quotes in Luca Badetti’s book, "I Believe in You." Living in relationship in community with the so-called intellectually disabled, Luca tenderly unveils his own growth and evolving inner transformation inspired by stories from those very housemates!  Luca, with depth and conviction, further invites you and I to tenderly search the stumbling complexities of our own inner lives, mostly in relationship to ourselves, but also to others, so as to free who we truly are. “I Believe in You,” engenders serious introspection, but also validates the exquisite gifts of those so often marginalized by those of us who fear the challenges of becoming more truly human.

Sue Mosteller, CSJ,
Author, lecturer
Executrix of Henri Nouwen's Literary Estate

About the Author

Luca Badetti is a doctor in Disability Studies, with background in Clinical Psychology and Theology. He has been in­volved with L'Arche communities internationally over the years, including L'Arche Chicago as its Director of Commu­nity Life. He teaches at Loyola University Chicago's Institute of Pastoral Studies and at DePaul University's Peace,Jus­tice and Conflict Studies program. His work promotes personal wholeness and social transformation through the encounter with disability.

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