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Interpretation of Scripture: Practice - Victorine Texts in Translation

by: Frans van Liere and Franklin T. Harkins (eds.)
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The Canons following the Rule of St Augustine at St Victor in Paris were some of the most influential religious writers of the Middle Ages. Interpretation of Scripture: Practice contains commentaries and examples of biblical exegesis by Hugh and Andrew of Saint Victor, Sermons by Richard of Saint Victor and Maurice of Sully, the Quaestiones in divina pagina by Robert of Melun, Richard’s invective against judaizers, De Emmanuele, and a poetic paraphrase of Ruth by Leontius of Saint Victor, encompassing the broad range of biblical exegetical practice at the abbey.

Thanks to the pathbreaking work of Beryl Smalley more than a half century ago, today we recognize the central place of the so-called School of Saint Victor in the history of biblical exegesis. By the mid-twelfth century, the abbey had gained a reputation for solid Christian teaching, with an emphasis on biblical studies and history.

Table of Contents VTT6

Preface by Hugh Feiss, OSB

General Introduction by Frans van Liere and Franklin T. Harkins

Literal Exegesis

Hugh of St Victor: Notes on Genesis, Introduction and Translation by Jan Van Zwieten

Littera and Historia: Four Texts on the Intersection between History and Exegesis, Introduction by Frans van Liere and Mark Zier

1. Hugh of St Victor: On the Three Most Important Circumstances of Deeds, that is, Persons, Places, and Times, Translation by Grover A. Zinn

2. Richard of St Victor: On the concordance of the times of the kings co-ruling over Judah and Israel Translation by Frans van Liere

3. Peter Comestor: Historia Scholastica : the settlement of contrary statements Translation by Frans van Liere

4. Andrew of St Victor: Commentary on Daniel, selections, Translated by Mark Zier

The Spiritual Senses in Exegesis and Theology: Two short Theological works of Richard of St Victor, Introduction by Hugh Feiss, OSB

1. Richard of St Victor: On Isaiah: Interpreting “He calls to me from Seir”, Translation by Hugh Feiss, OSB, and Dale Coulter

2. Richard of St Victor: Explanations of Several Difficulties of Scripture, Translation by Hugh Feiss, OSB, and Dale Coulter

From Exegesis to Theology

Robert of Melun: Questions on the Divine Page, Introduction and translation by Franklin T. Harkins

Hebraica Veritas, Jews, and Judaizers

Richard of St Victor: On Emmanuel, Introduction and translation by Frans van Liere

From Text to Sermon: Three Sermons by Richard of St Victor And Maurice of Sully, Introduction by Hugh Feiss, OSB

1. Richard of St Victor: The Book of Notes II.12.5: On the man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, Translation by Hugh Feiss, OSB

2. Richard of St Victor: Sermon 70, On the Day of Pentecost, Translation by Hugh Feiss, OSB

3. Maurice of Sully: Sermon 35, For the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Translation by Hugh Feiss, OSB

Exegesis and Poetry

Leonius of Paris: Histories of the Old Testament: The Book of Ruth, Introduction and translation by Greti Dinkova-Bruun

Bibliography, Index of Scriptural References, Index of ancient and Medieval Authors and Subject Index.


"All of the introductions are a great help to those who approach the Victorine texts. Just as importantly, the translations are excellent... Even though serious study of the Victorines and their methods demands facility with biblical and medieval Latin, nonetheless, these very good translations will get the reader as close to Victorine practice as is possible in English."

Andrew Thornton, OSB,
Saint Anselm Abbey, Manchester, NH,
The American Benedictine Review

"Interpretation of Scripture: Practice is another high quality addition to the VTT series. It contains informative introductions to and accurate, readable translations of a rich and varied sample of Victorine biblical interpretation. The thirteen texts in vol. 6 offer an English reader direct access to Victorine ways of reading, hearing, learning, and writing about the Holy Scriptures... Interpretation of Scripture: Practice pairs nicely with Interpretation of Scripture: Theory. Together, both volumes present Victorine hermeneutical theory put into exegetical practice. Reading them is like taking a mini-course in twelfth-century biblical interpretation as conceived of and practiced by members of one of the exemplary Christian communities of that period. And today's leading students of that community are the ones offering the course. It is highly recommended."

Marshall E. Crossnoe,
Lincoln University, Missouri
The Medieval Review

About the Author

The editors of this volume are Frans van Liere (PhD, Medieval Studies, University of Groningen) who is currently a Professor and Director of Medieval Studies Program, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI and Franklin T. Harkins (PhD, Medieval Theology, Notre Dame) who is Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Boston College.

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Language English
Publication Date Jan 17, 2017
Author Frans van Liere and Franklin T. Harkins (eds.)
Format Paperback
Page Count 565