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Interreligious Encounters

Opportunities and challenges
by: Michael Amaladoss
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Page Count: 288
Format: Paperback

This selection of essays by Jesuit theologian Michael Amaladoss brings together important insights on religious diversity in an increasingly globalized world, where religion and religious differences influence individuals and societies in profound ways. 

Drawing on a particular context in India, the prime example of a multi-religious milieu, Amaladoss’s writings here are structured around his contention that interreligious dialogue or religious pluralism are not abstracts but can only be discerned in the context of a lived reality of a world of many faiths.

Interreligious Encounters considers a broad range of topics, including the challenges of crossing religious borders; the enriching practice of reading the sacred scriptures of religions other than one’s own; exploring secular criteria by which to assess the truth claims of religions; approaches to finding good in evil; and achieving true human liberation through interreligious encounter and collaboration.

Published by Orbis Books. Distributed by New City Press.


“This book is gift to the theological community worldwide. Again and again, Fr. Amaladoss invites us to engage issues basic to religious and cultural studies today, to think and newly understand truths and values essential to Catholic tradition and doctrine, and to explore the meaning of being Christian in India’s great pluriform reality. This elegant volume gently challenges the Church to engage faithfully and boldly the realities of this 21st century.”

About the Author

Jonathan Y. Tan is Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Professor of Catholic Studies at Case Western Reserve University. He is the author ofIntroducing Asian American Theologies and Christian Mission among the Peoples of Asia.

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Language English
Publication Date Dec 30, 2017
Author Michael Amaladoss
Format Paperback
Page Count 288