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Irene the Elephant

A children's story about God's loving plan for each person
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-450-4
Page Count: 30
Format: Paperback

Irene discovers that by giving of herself the immensity of God’s love is revealed.

It’s a great awakening at any age to truly feel that you are loved beyond measure. Irene the Elephant doesn’t like herself because she is so different from her companions. Share Irene’s discovery that her complete gift of herself – given together with her friends – reveals the immensity of God’s love for each of them even in the face of danger.


"Irene is an enormous elephant who learns that God loves her enormously – and He made her that way for a purpose. This is a beautifully written and engaging story that will touch the hearts of children and adults alike!”

Patricia Mitchell
Editorial Director, The Word Among Us Press and author of Living as a Beloved Daughter of God

“Gigantic and gentle, Irene the elephant personifies the notion that, when one relies on God for guidance, weaknesses become strengths and hopeless situations become powerful moments of peace and possibility. Irene is just great. Truly first rate. A delightful read that will warm the hearts of young people for many years to come.”

Debbie Gonzales
Regional Advisor (Austin), Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

“A universally appealing story of someone finding her place in the world. Irene’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance will delight and inspire.”

Shannon Morgan
Regional Advisor (San Antonio), Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

About the Author

Geri (Geraldine) Guadagno dreamed of writing for children ever since she was a child. She was inspired to write Irene’s story during a day of reflection and feels blessed to share God’s message of love with children and their parents. Geri has also written a book about St. Joseph as well as magazine articles. She lives in the Texas Hill Country with her family and dog.



Jeffrey C. Zwartjes studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design and eventually fell into the world of theater and puppetry in Atlanta, Georgia. He can often be seen carving a big puppet head out of foam, or singing on stage dressed as a dog, or doing any number of odd things, always feeling especially blessed to be doing what he loves. He lives happily with his wife, a Children’s Librarian who always brings home wonderful books for them to read together, and many well-meaning cats.

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Price $9.95
Language English
Publication Date Dec 6, 2012
Author Geraldine Guadagno
Format Paperback
Page Count 30