Jesus: the heart of his message

Unity and Jesus Forsaken
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Unity and Jesus Forsaken

Chiara Lubich's teaching has fascinated and inspired millions of people for more than fifty years. Jesus: The Heart of His Message--Unity and Jesus Forsaken is an in depth look at the core of her experience. Jesus came so "that all may be one" she explains. And he personally paid the price for this unity by his death on the cross. Unity is not only the destiny of creation, but it can become our everyday experience. Its secret is found in the contradictory reality of Jesus crucified and forsaken. This is a profound book full of new and intriguing insights. It will give you the uplifting vision of the author who has touched countless people across all religious lines.


"In our contemporary society, so often devoid of simplicity and directness, the Focolare movement is a breath of fresh air. Without being simplistic or reductionistic, Lubich challenges her associates to focus on Jesus forsaken as the model for unity and the key to living a life of joy.

Robert Morneau
Auxiliary Bishop of Green Bay
Author of A Retreat with Jessica Powers

"This is a book for reading and reflection, a book written in prayer which can nourish prayer."

William Cardinal Keeler
Archbishop of Baltimore

About the Author

Chiara Lubich (1920-2008) was born in Italy. An internationally renowned religious leader and writer, she received the Templeton Prize for the Progress of Religion and the UNESCO Peace Prize. She published over thirty books in dozens of languages with more than one million copies sold. She founded and presided the Focolare Movement until her death on March 14 2008. Chiara and her gospel-based spirituality have inspired millions. The Focolare Movement stands at the forefront of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

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