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John of the Smiles

A 5-year-old boy who brought a ray of sunshine into the lives of people around him
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-600-3
Page Count: 229
Format: Paperback

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This is the story of a 5-year-old boy with cancer who brought a ray of sunshine into the lives of people around him. John seemed to have an innate understanding of and ability to love. Those qualities endeared him to many, and were the driving force behind the worldwide spread of his story. Like all stories of heroes facing impossible odds, it deserves telling and retelling.


"An inspirational story about a boy’s battle with cancer and the profound effect on his family and friends, movingly recounted by author Geraldine Guadagno. But it’s also a story about God’s compassion and care made known in their lives. A “must read” – but with a box of tissues at the ready."

Annette Reynolds,
Publishing Director, Anno Domini Publishing, UK

"John of the Smiles explores the spiritual journey and transformation of a young boy and his family as they endured his terminal illness. By exploring the details of little John’s short but extraordinary life, Ms. Guadagno reveals how a family and community embraced the illness and experienced the closeness of God’s love right in front of them. Even though little John had a frail body, Ms. Guadagno demonstrates how God revealed a treasure within little John and how Christ’s “power was made perfect in weakness.”

Carey Latimore,
Assoc. Professor History, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

About the Author

Geraldine Guadagno has written articles and books for children and adults, including Irene the Elephant and 5 Steps to Facing Suffering, also published by New City Press.

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Price $15.95
Language English
Publication Date Nov 30, 2016
Author Geraldine Guadagno
Format Paperback
Page Count 229