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Like a Drop in the Ocean

99 Sayings by Mother Teresa
by: W. Bader (ed.)
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SKU 978-1-56548-238-8
ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-238-8
Page Count: 99
Format: Hardcover
99 Sayings by Mother Teresa

Even though she never bore a child physically, Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu deserves the name by which everyone knows her: Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Her sayings reveal the qualities that we treasure in every mother: playfulness, compassion, humility, calmness, even handedness, and the ability to reprove wrongdoing with firmness and love and to maintain a sense of humor even in the most dire circumstances.


"... an inspirational collection of sayings and truths from Mother Teresa. Like a Drop in the Ocean provides readers with an accurate and intimate feel for the encouraging and moving idol. Very strongly recommended as both an inspiring compendium and an exceptional gift for anyone troubled, confused, joyous, or content.”

John Taylor
The Midwest Book Review

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Price $14.95
Language English
Publication Date Jan 31, 2006
Author W. Bader (ed.)
Format Hardcover
Page Count 99