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She Continued to Play
by: Alfred Zirondoli
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-069-8
Page Count: 143
Format: Paperback
A Biography of Margarita Bavosi

This is the biography of Margarita Bavosi. At first glance it may almost seem unreal or exaggerated, but instead it is a fair and revealing examination of her life. She was a lively and sincere person, truly luminous or better Luminosa, as she would come to be called. Her meeting with the Focolare Movement evidenced her exuberance all the more and led her, and many others through her, to a profound experience of unity with God and with others. Zirondoli writes with keen insight, and offers the life of Luminosa as an example to help us keep on "playing the game" of lie that she played so well. "The story of Luminosa," he says, "can show that it is possible in life to experience a kind of joy that is not merely passing, but one that lasts, for it touches what is universal and eternal."


"One of the lessons that this exceptional Focolarina leaves for us is how to live and conclude the Holy Journey of life, I would say, perfectly."

Chiara Lubich

About the Author

Alfred Zirondoli is from Carpi, Italy. Besides being a noted medical doctor, he is one of the early members of the Focolare Movement. He started writing in 1986 and has since written several biographies and various magazine articles. His works have been translated into other languages and have been a source of inspiration for many people.

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Language English
Publication Date Jun 30, 1994
Author Alfred Zirondoli
Format Paperback
Page Count 143