Making Peace

The Role Played by the Community of Sant'Egidio in the International Arena
by: Roberto Morozzo della Rocca (ed.)
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How the Sant'Egidio community helps resolve international conflicts around the globe

Published in Great Britain © 2013, New City, London
Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by New City Press, Hyde Park, NY

John Mifsud (translator)
Introduction by Andrea Riccardi

The Community of Sant’Egidio is a movement of lay people founded within the Catholic Church and dedicated to communicating and living out the gospel through prayer, solidarity with the poor and service to peace. Making Peace describes how the Community worked to help resolve civil wars and international conflicts around the globe. Mozambique, Algeria, Kosovo, Liberia and Ivory Coast have all benefitted from its commitment to dialogue that fosters a culture of peace and understanding.

Sant’Egidio also works in the field of health diplomacy in the battle against AIDS in Africa and campaigns vigorously to bring an end to the death penalty. But Sant’Egidio’s message is simple: a way to peace can always be found, and everyone, from professional diplomats to volunteers, from doctors to patients, can make a valid contribution to the peace process. This book presents the fascinating story of Sant’Egidio’s activities for peace and reconciliation for the good of humanity. And their motivation: love of God and love of neighbor.


  • - Peace in Mozambique
  • - The Platform of Rome for Algeria
  • - The Case of Guatemala
  • - Peace in Burundi
  • - Albania in Transition
  • - Kosovo: The Milošević-Rugova Agreement
  • - The Peace Process in Liberia
  • - Civil War and Peace in Ivory Coast
  • - Health Diplomacy in the Battle Against AIDS
  • - Humanitarian Diplomacy Efforts Against Capital Punishment

Christians and Hindus Dialogue About Peace

During a day of dialogue between Christians and Hindus at the Gregorian University, they realize that even though they start from different perspectives, they share many values in common that can help build peace.

This makes one hope that “religions can really play a constructive role in conflict situations.”

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Price $17.95
Language English
Publication Date Feb 28, 2013
Author Roberto Morozzo della Rocca (ed.)
Format Paperback
Page Count 384
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