Martin Luther King, Jr.

Spirit-Led Prophet
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Martin Luther King, Jr.: Spirit-led Prophet tells the compelling story of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. pastor, theologian, scholar, orator, civil rights leader, martyr. Spirit-led Prophet chronicles King's activities illustrating his nonviolent faith and how he lived it out in his ministry. In the midst of a tumultuous public life, King prayed for guidance and depended upon God's spirit to lead him. Despite the cruelty and violence of the forces arrayed against the movement, King stressed the necessity to love ones enemies, to believe that unearned suffering is redemptive and to have faith in God's just purposes.


"Richard Deats has produced in his work an invaluable spiritual portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the sources of his faith, courage, and willingness to offer his life to the nonviolent struggle against violence, racial, and economic injustice. These teachings, so well revealed in this unique biography, have endured because they continue to offer hope and inspiration for all who would fulfill the Dream."

Correta Scott King

"In this unusual biography, readers will learn more about the spiritual King, whose faith in Jesus Christ was the foundation for his life and legacy … this text will enlighten readers with one real-life example after another … The author includes a helpful chronology at the end of the book that succinctly highlights the major events of King's life."

Publishers Weekly

"Richard Deats' volume,Martin Luther King, Jr.: Spirit-Led Prophet, is a brilliant, concise, analytical chronology of the influences in Dr. Kings's life and of his work and legacy. It is a compelling account of the immense impact of Kings's reconciling ministry against injustice, racism, violence, and poverty."

Dr. Julius S. Scott, Jr.

"King's belief in the sanctity of life and his spirit of love and compassion inspire us all and challenges each new generation to begin again the quest for truth and justice."

Mairead Maguire
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

About the Author

Richard Deats is from southern United States. He was influenced by King while in college and has subsequently had a life-long commitment to civil rights. He was the editor of Fellowship, the magazine of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and is the author of Ambassador of Reconciliation: A Muriel Lester Reader.

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