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Medieval Women Mystics (new edition)

Gertrude the Great, Angela of Foligno, Birgitta of Sweden, Julian of Norwich
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-278-4
Page Count: 158
Format: Paperback
Selected Spiritual Writings of Gertrude the Great, Angela of Foligno, Birgitta of Sweden, Julian of Norwich

While women's contribution to spirituality has often been overlooked or minimized in the past, there is a vital and growing interest in it today. Medieval Women Mystics presents essential writings of 4 women of the 13th and 14th centuries. This is essential reading for anyone interested in medieval and/or women's spirituality, church history, as well as persons associated with the religious orders represented by these mystics (Benedictines, Franciscans, Brigettines).


"This collection of writings from four prophetic women cries out for us to seek, love, and respond to the Source of all that is, was, and shall be. Like the God they profess, these writings have a changeless quality that inspires and challenges our own spiritual journey.”

Jane McAvoy
author of Communion with the Friends of God Meditations and Prayers from Women Mystics

"Obbard has done an admirable job... Enhanced with brief, informative introductions, Obbard's work succeeds in introducing the reader to the variety and depth of medieval women's spiritual experiences and theological insights... Offers something useful to anyone looking for a good introduction to medieval mysticism.”

Theology Today

"This is an excellent introduction to some of the most fascinating women of the high Middle Ages. The women chosen represent well the great variety of religious creativity found during this period: Gertrude, living the traditional Benedictine monastic life but influenced by the new spirit of romanticism introduced by Bernard of Clairvaux; Angela, the wife and mother who became a Franciscan tertiary; Birgitta, noblewoman and foundress of a new mixed community of men and women; and Julian, the recluse who produced a remarkable work of theology. Altogether, this book is a great contribution to the ongoing study of medieval women writers. I recommend it highly.”

Joan M. Nuth, Ph.D.
author of God's Lovers in an Age of Anxiety: The Medieval English Mystics

About the Author

Elizabeth Ruth Obbard was born into an army family and educated in England and Germany. After completing her schooling, she entered the Carmelite Order where she has been a contemplative nun for many years. She has authored and illustrated several books.

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Language English
Publication Date Sep 30, 2007
Author Elizabeth Ruth Obbard (ed.)
Format Paperback
Page Count 158