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This Moment Matters at home, work, church, school… (7x4)
by: Máire O’Byrne
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-500-6
Page Count: 76
Format: Paperback

These stories are everyday miracles that give you the courage to see opportunities of the present moment more clearly. The short reflections are followed by discussion questions to help you improve your own practice.

There are hundreds of books extolling the virtue of living in the present moment. This one acknowledges that most of us have a hard time executing that goal! Taking advantage of 30+ years of living a spirituality of communion that is rooted in the present moment, Máire O’Byrne shares stories from people who, in a particular moment, made that spontaneous decision to be truly present when facing a situation at home, work, church, school…

For example, a woman recognizes that she should set aside her worry, and she shares how she does it. A man tells how a particular decision to live in the present transformed a difficult relationship with his brother-in-law. A family that had just resolved a bullying issue at school shares how they had to start again in the next present moment.

About the Author

Retreat master and lecturer Máire O'Byrne holds an MA in Theology from the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Dublin. A long-time member of the Focolare Movement, she is the co-director of its New Families division in Ireland and author of Model of Incarnate Love: Mary Desolate in the Experience and Thought of Chiara Lubich.

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Language English
Publication Date Jan 6, 2014
Author Máire O’Byrne
Format Paperback
Page Count 76