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Prophet and Pilgrim of Peace

99 Sayings by Pope St. Paul VI
by: Karl Shultz (ed.)
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Page Count: 112
Format: Hardcover

Paul VI consistently sought to bring out the best in people and the Church. He assumed the risks of allowing others to exercise initia­tive and discretion in their ministries. He facilitated, encouraged, and empowered. If you want to tap into the wisdom of a profound and influential thinker and holy man then you are in the right place. Wrestle with the insights and exhortations of Pope St. Paul VI. Give them time to germinate, allow them to percolate within you. (From the Foreword by Karl Schultz)


"To succeed in capturing the profound wisdom of Pope Saint Paul VI's life with the ninety-nine sayings included in Prophet and Pilgrim of Peace, is no small task. The attentiveness devoted to Pope Saint Paul VI's life, beliefs and his love and devotion to the Church compel the reader to be astounded at the contemporary appeal and how his words, fifty years later, are vibrant and applicable."

Most Reverend David A. Zubik
Bishop of Pittsburgh

"A collection of some of the Pope’s more poignant remarks, suitable for personal reflection or as “jumping off” points for homilies or talks on a wide range of topics."

The Catholic Response

"Schultz shows us that Montini is not canonized because he was a pope, but because he is a saint. We need saints who have been evangelized by God's grace and proclaim Spirit-driven wisdom in a persuasive, prophetic and challenging way. Every one of these 99 sayings culled from Pope Paul's work are as pertinent today as they were in his lifetime. They compel us to go back to his original works with surprise and wonder at his prophetic soul. He was a true, determined follower of the Crucified. With St. Paul VI, we can shout that, at base, all things are sacred, that all is gift, and, above all, that Jesus reveals to us that God is love!"

Rev. Timothy Fitzgerald, C.P., S.T.D.
St. Paul Monastery, Pittsburgh, PA

"The teaching legacy of Pope Paul VI has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding his 1968 Encyclical, Humanae Vitae. These carefully selected excerpts will help restore awareness of his profound grasp of the Christian tradition and his rich personal spirituality.  His teachings on justice and peace, especially, have a new relevance in the light of the needs of today’s world."

Fr. Jerome Kodell, OSB
Subiaco Abbey

About the Author

Karl A. Schultz has published fifteen books on the application of Lectio Divina to topics such as Bible study, theology of the body, journaling, and the teachings of Pope Paul VI. He has lectured on Paul VI internationally, and published Pope Paul VI: Christian Virtues and Values (Crossroad: 2007). More information on his work can be found at

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Language English
Publication Date Sep 14, 2018
Author Karl Shultz (ed.)
Format Hardcover
Page Count 112