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Resisting Throwaway Culture

How a Consistent Life Ethic Can Unite a Fractured People
by: Charles Camosy
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Learn how Catholic teaching, as expressed in the Consistent Life Ethic (especially in the growing edge of Resisting Throwaway Culture), can help unite politically left and right by taking the focus off of policy and politics and back on basic goods and ideas held in common across divisions.




"Responding to a climate of political tribalism and cultural fracturing, Dr. Camosy's new book provides a unifying framework for creating a culture of encounter in which mercy, responsibility and dignity lift up vulnerable populations for special protection and welcome. This framework, a growing edge of the Consistent Life Ethic, challenges us to take a stand against a ‘throw away culture’ in which vulnerable people are reduced to a product in the marketplace instead of recognized for their inherent and irreducible value. If we allow ourselves to be challenged and moved by Camosy’s arguments, we can create a culture of encounter capable of resisting what Pope Francis calls a "globalization of indifference."
Kristin M. Collier, MD FACP
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Director of the Program on Health, Spirituality and Religion
University of Michigan Medical School

About the Author

Charles C. Camosy is associate professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University. His work on ethics and policy moves beyond stale and lazy arguments which artificially pit liberals and conservatives against each other. Instead, Camosy finds common ground by unpacking  the real complexities of some of today's most passionately debated issues.

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Publication Date May 31, 2019
Author Charles Camosy
Format Paperback
Page Count 150
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