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Teaching Christianity - Study Edition

Translation and notes by Edmund Hill, OP, introduction by Prosper Grech, OSA, John E. Rotelle, OSA, editor
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-049-0
Page Count: 259
Format: Paperback

This work is intended to help preachers present biblical teachings in an effective manner. Teaching Christianity is the most original book Augustine ever wrote. It is not so much a treatise or scholarly work but an instruction manual on how to teach Christianity. He wrote this "how to" book for those who would be preaching and explaining Christianity. It is entirely based on the bible and helps the reader express its truths of faith with soundproof methodology. It is a book that will help readers to communicate their message in a clear and effective way.

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"In this work, traditionally translated as On Christian Doctrine, Augustine combines the pedagogical methods he learned from Greek and Roman writings with the content of the Christian faith to help preachers present biblical teachings in an effective manner. This new translation is lively and accessible.”

Library Journal

" De Doctrina Christiana is one of Augustine's most important and abidingly influential works. Essentially it is an exegetical manual or outline for an encyclopedic educational program for understanding, teaching and preaching the scriptures.”

Catholic Library World

"Hill's edition of Augustine's text includes a generous introduction composed of essays written by other leading scholars in the field. Subjects range from the pastoral theology of Teaching Christianity to the hermeneutical principles of Augustine's work. The volume is well done and, as Hill suggests, it might serve as a useful text in seminaries even today.”

Pastoral Life

"The lengthy introduction to critical issues, extensive notes, and scripture and subject indexes make it a valuable tool for eager students of the influential bishop of Hippo.”

Dialogue & Alliance

About the Author

Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is one of the greatest thinkers and writers of the Western world. After he converted to Christianity he became bishop of Hippo in North Africa, where he was influential in civil and church affairs. His writings have had a lasting impact on Western philosophy and culture.

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Language English
Publication Date Apr 30, 1996
Author Saint Augustine
Format Paperback
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Page Count 259