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Teilhard de Chardin
Reconciliation in Christ

Jean Maalouf (Editor) (about)

Reconciliation in Christ

Paperback; 200 pages; 2002

ISBN: 1-56548-169-0

About this Book

The French Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a scientist, mystic, visionary, and one of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth century. With its selected texts on reconciliation, Maalouf's work reaches the very core of Teilhard's mind. Teilhard envisioned a reconciliation of what seem to be contradictory experiences: adoration and intellect, spirit and matter, sacred and secular, religion and science, creation and evolution. In Christ, he recognized the active Agent, the unifying Center, of the creative and redemptive process, and the source of our happiness. The reader will enjoy a journey with a passionate apostle of the unity of all creation and one of the most engaging and influential figures of our time.

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Teilhard de Chardin

Some Related Comments:

"Only someone like Jean Maalouf, who has sat quietly for many years with the difficult but rewarding texts of Père Teilhard, could have produced such a stunning selection of readings. Chapter by chapter the reader is led by an expert guide to the heart of Teilhard’s vision and spirituality, which relentlessly seek to reconcile and unify the unfortunate dichotomies of previous centuries of religious thought. An indispensable introduction to one of the most creative spiritual teachers of the modern period.”

Donald P. Gray
Professor of Religious Studies Manhattan College

"Maalouf is the author of two academic studies of Teilhard and two books of prayers inspired by his thought, so he is well qualified to select the many pages of Teilhard that constitute the present collection. The texts are well chose, well ordered, and well introduced, and many are not available in English elsewhere. This book will remain a standard reference in the years to come.”

Thomas M. King, S.J.
Professor of Theology, Georgetown University
Author of Teilhard's Mysticism of Knowing a co-editor of The Letters of Teilhard de Chardin & Lucile Swan

Author Info

Author of many articles and ten books, among them the best-selling Bold Prayers from the Heart, Jean Maalouf holds a doctorate in philosophy from the Paris-Sorbonne University and is a member of the American Teilhard Association.

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