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Tending the Mustard Seed

Living the Faith in Today’s World
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-475-7
Page Count: 106
Format: Paperback

This book contains powerful reflections on faith in the life of the disciple of Christ, with accompanying reflection questions, and can be an excellent vehicle for prayer and study groups.

What does it mean to be intimately and personally called by God to faith? Where does faith come from? How do you respond to cynicism? What does faith mean when you are speechless in the face of suffering? Can you demonstrate that your belief in God is not an irrational leap into the absurd but a rational conclusion drawn from your experience? With which communities of faith do you identify: your family, prayer group, local parish, religious order, an ecclesial movement? How would you describe the gap between vision and reality in your faith community? What steps can you take to narrow this gap?

Parishes and faith sharing groups will come back to this book over and over. It overflows with Fr Billy’s personal experience, a wealth of references to scripture and encyclicals, challenging reflection questions and meditative prayer settings. Fr. Billy’s subtle sense of the Trinitarian nature of a mature faith will help you rediscover faith as the narrative of your life.


Just in time for the Year of Faith, Father Billy’s powerful reflections on faith in the life of the disciple of Christ, with accompanying reflection questions, can be an excellent vehicle for prayer and study groups, RCIA programs, and ongoing faith formation for adults. Each chapter is packed with personal experiences and substantial theological reflection. From the lay Catholic to the theologian, all will benefit richly from this gem of a book.

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan,
Archbishop of New York

Having faced a life threatening illness, Fr. Billy says, “When I look back on all that happened – physical decline, sadness, self-pity, loss of control, uncertainty about my future, anger, the confrontation with death – one question stands out: Where would I be without faith?” This is a book that comes from the heart and that touches the heart. When your parish celebrates the Year of Faith, this book is the resource you want.

Donna Orsuto,
Director, The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas and Professor, Institute of Spirituality, Pontifical Gregorian University

Fr. Billy challenges us to discover how to make faith real in our lives. His practical suggestions for tending to the growth of the seed of faith in both personal and relational ways is a fine contribution to nourishing the new evangelization.

Joseph L. Farrell O.S.A,
Associate Vice President, Office for Mission and Ministry, Villanova University

Fr. Dennis Billy explores the call to faith and its relationship to reason, prayer, suffering, healing, and community-building. His experience of faith during a three-year battle with leukemia lends poignancy and -authenticity to this discussion. Fr. Billy’s reflections include references to Scripture and encyclicals, reflection questions, and meditative prayer. This book is not only a perfect springboard for fertile discussions in catechetical settings, parishes, and faith-sharing groups—it’s also a fruitful medium for anyone interested in deepening his or her faith formation.

On the Shelf, Sept. 2013

About the Author

Father Dennis J. Billy, a Redemptorist of the Baltimore Province, taught for more than twenty years at the Alphonsian Academy of Rome’s Pontifical Lateran University, reaching the rank of full (ordinary) professor. He is now scholar-in-residence, professor, and holder of the John Cardinal Krol Chair of Moral Theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Father Billy is the author of numerous theological and spiritual books.

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Language English
Publication Date Dec 14, 2012
Author Dennis J. Billy, CSsR
Format Paperback
Page Count 106