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Teresa of Avila's Way of Perfection

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Page Count: 63
Format: Paperback

The Way of Perfection was written in the sixteenth century as an introductory text on life and prayer for Teresa of Avila's sisters. This re-telling of her classic in modern idiom makes the kernel of her teaching accessible to the contemporary reader. Teresa, an acknowledged expert, sets out the principles and practice of the life of prayer that can speak to you as you journey with God in your own life.

Those who turn to spiritual classics for guidance and inspiration often find their style daunting. The original texts still have much to offer but their diction and idiom, chosen for another era and audience, pose an obstacle to many contemporary readers. Classics for Everyone aims to make some of the greatest Christian works accessible to all by retelling them in modern idiom.

About the Author

Elizabeth Ruth Obbard grew up in a military family. After completing her schooling in England and Germany, she felt a vocation to the Carmelite Order, in which she has lived for many years as a contemplative nun. She has written and illustrated several books, including Medieval Women Mystics.

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Publication Date Apr 30, 2007
Author Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
Format Paperback
Page Count 63