The Practice of Loving Kindness

by: Vincent Ryan Ruggiero
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A Guide to Spiritual Fulfillment and Social Harmony

Through real-life stories and examples, Ruggiero shows how the principle of "love of neighbor", present in the scriptures of practically every major religion, can be lived in daily encounters with others in school, in the workplace, at home, and in the community, leading to greater meaning in life and harmony in social relationships.


"In a clear and straightforward manner, Ruggiero offers insights on intimacy, trust, forgiveness and social concern. He encourages compassionate and mindful practices that, if engaged by each of us, would be world changing.”

Richard M. Ryan
Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
University of Rochester

"Hats off to Vincent Ruggiero for this captivating, uplifting, inspiring guide to a more loving and fulfilling life.”

David Myers
Hope College
Author of Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

"Your joy in life comes more from the love you give away than from the love you get.”

Sir John M. Templeton

"Anyone wanting to learn the 'how to' of practicing loving kindness in many different ways will want to read this book. It is written in a manner that makes it interesting as well as informative, extending beyond story-telling or proselytizing.”


"Ruggiero calls for a return to selfless love to counteract the focus on self-love prevalent in recent decades.”

Publishers Weekly

About the Author

The author of nineteen books, Vincent Ryan Ruggiero has been a social case worker, an industrial engineer, and a professor of humanities. Best known for his pioneering work on the teaching of creative and critical thinking, he is also an engaging public speaker whose work has been featured in two segments of the PBS "Author, Author" series. He and his wife Barbara live in Dunedin, Florida.

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Author Vincent Ryan Ruggiero
Publication Date Dec 31, 2005
Format Paperback
Page Count 152