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The Trinity
A Social Model

Enrique Cambón (about)

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A Social Model

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ISBN: 978-1-56548-477-1

About this Book

Today the Holy Trinity is being rediscovered not only as the central point for theological and ecclesiastical renewal within Christian environments but also as a model for society in all its aspects, including its organization. The Trinitarian dynamic represents a “genuine revolution of the world picture” of the economy, politics, ecology, human rights, art, education, international and intercultural relations, health, justice and communications. But, practically speaking, what does it mean to live in a Trinitarian way? Cambón proposes different ways of applying the theology in these various fields. His observations and proposals are based on experience, but not at the cost of sacrificing didactic rigor in the substantiation of his claims. Cambón’s synthesis of Trinitarian theological principles with their social and practical importance opens the way to future study.

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The Trinity

Author Info

Enrique Cambón was born in Buenos Aires in 1942 and was ordained a priest in 1974. He has a PhD in Philosophy and Theology and a bachelor of science in Education. He has taught in several Institutions in Latin America and Europe, and he has authored several theological, ecumenical and catechetical publications in different languages.

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