The Vincentians - Volume 5

A General History of the Congregation of the Mission: Vol. 5 An Era of Expansion (1878-1919)
by: John E. Rybolt, CM
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Vol 5 An Era of Expansion (1878-1919)

THE SUBTITLE OF THIS VOLUME is “An Era of Expansion, (1878–1919).” It reflects the reality of the Congregation of the Mission under the leadership of Antoine Fiat, the superior general who governed the Community longer than St. Vincent de Paul. Like the founder, Fiat was a man of both prayer and action. Also like the founder, Fiat was often hesitant and delayed final decisions.

His confreres spread to new missions, such as the republics of Central America and Argentina, and several missions or provinces had grown large enough to be given more autonomy, such as the two American provinces, the Antilles, Barcelona, Ecuador, Belgium and Holland, Madagascar, and Colombia. China continued to attract many missionaries as well as local Chinese vocations despite war and unrest.

This volume, then, relates not only that the Vincentians, members of the Congregation of the Mission, grew in number and influence, but how they exercised their ministry. Persecution was their lot in some regions, but they forged ahead. As always, they sought to align their ministries at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries with the original mission entrusted to them by the Church through Vincent de Paul: to bring the Gospel to the poor.


"An Era of Expansion is the fifth volume of John Rybolt’s fascinating history of the Congregation of the Mission. Based on detailed research and primary sources collected all over the world, it can already be seen as a major contribution to the current interest in producing a transnational history of the Catholic Church and even a global history of human societies in the modern world. This book emphasizes the tension between a networked organization and national frontiers, and the realities the Vincentians could not escape.”

Matthieu Brejon de Lavergnée
Université catholique de l’Ouest Bretagne-Sud

About the Author

John E. Rybolt, C.M. did his advanced studies in theology and Sacred Scripture, taught in the seminaries of the Congregation of the Mission, and directed the Centre International de Formation: St. Vincent de Paul, in Paris. He has published numerous books and studies on Sacred Scripture, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Congregation of the Mission.

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Author John E. Rybolt, CM
Format Hardcover
Page Count 780
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