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Context and Bibliography for Readers of Victorine Texts in Translation

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Abby of St. Victor


Victorine Texts in Translation (VTT) is a ten-volume series published in hardcover by Brepols, the publishers of the Corpus Christianorum and many other scholarly series and works, and in paperback by New City Press, which also has published an English translation of the works of St. Augustine. One volume of the series is appearing each year. Each volume is devoted to a theme and contains works by several Victorine authors. The translations are made by members of the editorial board and by others. Each volume has its own editor(s), indicated below in parentheses.


Victorine Texts in Translation

1. Trinity and Creation (Boyd Taylor Coolman and Dale Coulter)

2. On Love (Hugh Feiss, OSB)

3. Interpretation of Scripture: Theory (Franklin T. Harkins and Frans van Liere)

4. Writings on the Spiritual Life (Christopher P. Evans)

5. Spiritual Formation and Mystical Symbolism (Dale Coulter and Grover Zinn, Jr.)

6. Interpretation of Scripture: Practice (Frans van Liere and Franklin T. Harkins)

7. Christology (Christopher P. Evans)

8. Sermons for the Liturgical Year (Hugh Feiss, OSB)

9. Daily Life at St. Victor (tba)

10. Sacraments (tba)

Editorial Board

Victorine Texts in Translation

Boyd Taylor Coolman

Dale Coulter

Christopher P. Evans

Hugh Feiss, OSB

Franklin T. Harkins

Frans van Liere

Grover Zinn, Jr.



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These links provide guidance for those who would like to explore the history of the Abbey of St. Victor and the theology of its writers. The aim of these links is to provide direction, not to be exhaustive. Preference is given to works in English.

You may view or download a pdf that contains all the information at these links by clicking here: Annotated Bibliography for Topics by and about the Victorines.

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When works of the Victorines have appeared or will appear in Victorine Texts in Translation, they are indicated in red. Included are the relevant essays in the festschrift, Knowledge to Beatitude: St. Victor, Twelfth-Century Scholars, and Beyond: Essays in Honor of Grover A. Zinn, Jr. Edited by E. Ann Matter and Lesley Smith (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2013) to which several of the members of the editorial board of VTT contributed. Readers will note the central importance to Victorine studies of the late Jean Châtillon, Rainer Berndt, SJ (Hugo von Sankt Viktor Institute in Frankfurt), Dominique Poirel (Institut de recherché et d’histoire des texts in Paris), and Patrice Sicard (Canon of the Cathedral of notre Dame in Paris), and Luc Jocqué (Brepols Publishers, Belgium), who is both our editor and a Victorine scholar. The late Michael Signer was an important influence in the studies of several of the members of the editorial board of VTT.

There are two excellent surveys of scholarly work on the Victorines during the twentieth century:

Châtillon, Jean. De Guillaume de Champeaux à Thomas Gallus: chronique d’histoire littéraire et doctrinale de l’école de Saint-Victor,” Revue du Moyen Âge latin, 8 (1952) 139-162, 247-272.

Poirel, Dominique. “L’école de Saint-Victor au Moyen Âge: Bilan d’un demi-siècle historiographique,” Bibliothèque de l’école de chartes, 156 (1998):187-207.

A leading German scholar of the Victorines attempts a characterization of religious and intellectual formation at St. Victor and the fundamental principles of Victorine theology in:

Berndt, Rainer. “Zwischen sacramentum mundi und intellectus fidei—Grundzüge viktorinischer Theologie,” in Frömmigkeit und Theologie an Chorherrenstiften, ed. Ulrich Köpf and Sönke Lorenz (Ostfildern: Jan Thorgecke Verlag, 2009), 131–140.