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Victorine Texts in Translation - Set

Set of 6 Volumes
by: Frans van Liere, Franklin T. Harkins, Hugh Feiss, et al.
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SKU 978-1-56548-VTT-SET
ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-VTT-SET
Format: Paperback

Victorine Texts in Translation (VTT) is a ten-volume series published in hardcover by Brepols, the publishers of the Corpus Christianorum and many other scholarly series and works, and in paperback by New City Press, which also has published an English translation of the works of St. Augustine. One volume of the series is appearing each year. Each volume is devoted to a theme and contains works by several Victorine authors. The translations are made by members of the editorial board and by others. Each volume has its own editor(s). So far, 6 volumes have been published in paperback. 

Click here for an Annotated Bibliography for Readers of Victorine Texts in Translation.

St. Victor was an abbey and for a while a congregation of abbeys of canons regular who followed the Rule of St. Augustine. Canons regular were clergy who lived in common like monks, but almost always followed the Rule of St. Augustine. Their monasteries usually had a customary (book detailing the observances of daily life), and these often drew on monastic (Benedictine/Cistercian) models, so the observances of canons often resembled those of monks. The canons regular have not fared as well as the monastic orders in the post French Revolution era. The best known congregation of them are the Premonstratensians, also known as the Norbertines after their founder St. Norbert.

The 6 Volumes included in this set are:

  1. Trinity and Creation (Boyd Taylor Coolman and Dale Coulter)
  2. On Love (Hugh Feiss, OSB)
  3. Interpretation of Scripture: Theory (Franklin T. Harkins and Frans van Liere)
  4. Writings on the Spiritual Life (Christopher P. Evans)
  5. Interpretation of Scripture: Practice (Frans van Liere and Franklin T. Harkins)
  6. Victorine Christology


“The enormous productivity of the twelfth century canons of Paris’s Abbey of Saint Victor had a tremendous influence on the great scholastic masters of the thirteenth century like Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure. Their contemplative spirituality, transmitted via the Low Countries, would also shape the Devotio Moderna and beyond. How fortunate, then, that New City Press will provide an English language series of translations of Victorine biblical exegesis, speculative theology, liturgical works, and mystical texts. Like the householder of the Gospel, the Victorines brought forth old things and new. We are the beneficiaries of those present day scholars who make these nova et vetera available to a wide audience in fresh reliable translation.”

Lawrence S. Cunningham
John A. O’Brien Professor of Theology, The University of Notre Dame

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Language English
Publication Date Jul 10, 2018
Author Frans van Liere, Franklin T. Harkins, Hugh Feiss, et al.
Format Paperback