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What Does the Bible Say About Strangers, Migrants, and Refugees?

by: vănThanh Nguyễn, S.V.D
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Migration is a global phenomenon that is growing in scope and complexity, affecting almost every aspect of human life. What does the Bible say about this pressing issue and unrelenting crisis of our time?

The Bible is basically a tapestry woven together from the stories of one gigantic migrant family. Since it was written by, for, and about strangers, migrants, and refugees, the Bible is essentially pro-immigrant. The Scriptures have a lot to say about many issues related to migration, for example, human trafficking, refugees and asylum seekers, victims of war and violence, women and children, climate change and natural disasters, walls and borders, legal and illegal immigrants, and mission.

In times like these, when anti-immigrant sentiments and racial tensions rear their ugly head, how should Christians respond? This book shows the way—with mercy and charity.


There is no topic more urgent for our time, especially in the current political climate of the U.S., than migration. And there is no one more qualified to write on it than Dr. Nguyen, himself a refugee from Vietnam and a New Testament scholar. His passion for justice and his love for migrants and refugees make the teaching of the Bible on strangers, migrants, and refugees come alive. I most enthusiastically recommend this book not only to those responsible for public policies for immigration but also to the migrants themselves.
Peter C. Phan, The Ignacio Ellacuria Chair of Catholic Social Thought, Georgetown University

This book is a gem. In an accessible style, Nguyên deftly connects the varied and complex realities of modern migration with biblical texts that reflect similar experiences. This little volume demonstrates that the Scripture can speak to the plights of today’s sociopolitical and climate refugees, asylum seekers, the slave trade, and others on the move around the globe. Nguyên also brings Catholic teaching into the discussion, but it would be a shame to limit its audience to readers of that tradition. There is much here for all Christians!
M. Daniel Carroll R., Scripture Press Ministries Professor Of Biblical Studies and Pedagogy, Wheaton College and Graduate School

About the Author

vănThanh Nguyễn, S.V.D., is Professor of New Testament Studies and holder of the Francis X. Ford, M.M., Chair of Catholic Missiology at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, Illinois. He is a religious missionary of the Society of the Divine Word (S.V.D.) and has published widely in the areas of Bible, migration, and mission.

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Language English
Publication Date Apr 30, 2021
Author vănThanh Nguyễn, S.V.D
Format Paperback
Page Count 144