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Woman Mystic

Selections from Saint Hildegard of Bingen’s Scivias
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ISBN Number: 978-1-56548-463-4
Page Count: 72
Format: Paperback

Obbard's lucid rendering of the English text is an excellent way to access Hildegard's wisdom.

Celebrating the 2012 declaration of Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179) as a saint and a Doctor of the Church, Elizabeth Obbard, OCD interprets selections from Hildegard's first and major work, Scivias. The book includes drawings from Hildegard’s early works which help to illuminate the prophetic visions put forth by the German mystic. Hildegard is concerned with the whole panorama of the story of salvation. Reason is paramount. Order is necessary. She writes on creation, the Trinity, baptism and confirmation, lay people, the Eucharist, the history of salvation, virtues, angels, and 'The Symphony of the Blessed.'


Is it possible that Hildegard is only now being canonized? Well, whatever the reasons, it is high time, and this very nice anthology of her sayings is a most timely contribution to the coming celebration. This great Benedictine saint and polymath deserves to be better known to the whole world.

Terrence Kardong O.S.B.
Editor, American Benedictine Review, Assumption Abbey, North Dakota

About the Author

Elizabeth Ruth Obbard was educated in England and Germany. After completing her schooling, she entered the Carmelite Order where she has been a contemplative nun for many years. She has written and illustrated several books, including Medieval Women Mystics and Teresa of Avila’s ‘Way of Perfection.’

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Language English
Publication Date Sep 30, 2012
Author Elizabeth Ruth Obbard (ed.)
Format Paperback
Page Count 72